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Ghamishlou National Park and Wildlife Refuge

As one of the Iranian historical game reserves, Ghamishlou was designated protected area in 1964, promoted to wildlife refuge in 1975 and part of it converted to national park in 2009. Having an area of 113000 ha, Ghamishlou is located in northwest of Isfahan.
This region with a temperate arid climate has no permanent river, however a number of springs do exist. Ghamishlou is rich in plant and animal biodiversity and is of great importance for the protection of genetic reserves. 344 plant and 151 animal species are identified in this area. Ghamishlou is the main habitat for Isfahan wild sheep (Ovis orientalis) in Iran. High biodiversity, stunning vegetated hilly landscapes, proper access roads and historical monuments have made possible the attraction of nature lovers and researchers.

Kolahghazi National Park and Wildlife Refuge
Kolahghazi National Park and Wildlife Refuge is located in the southeast of Isfahan, a city in central part of Iran. Initially, Kolahghazi was a wildlife refuge protected since 1967, and in 1995 part of it was designated national park. Having an area of 50911 ha, this mountainous region encompasses a relatively vast plain called the White Desert. Wild goat (Capra aegagrus) is the indicator animal species of Kolahghazi.

Proximity to populated areas and academic centers as well as the availability of proper access roads has enabled tourism, scientific and research activities.

Mooteh Wildlife Refuge
Having been protected since 1964 under different titles, Mooteh was designated wildlife refuge in 1990. Having an area of 204350 ha, this mountainous plain rolling land is located in Isfahan and Markazi provinces. Mooteh has considerable animal and plant biodiversity, and is one of the best habitats for goitered gazelle (gazella subgutturosa) in Iran.

Significant biodiversity, proximity to academic centers and proper access roads have paved the way for scientific, research and tourism activities in the region.

Abasabad Wildlife Refuge
Abas abad Wildlife Refuge with the area of 305000 ha, is located at a distance of 100 kilometers in the northeast of Nain. Abas abad was designated Hunting-Prohibited area in 2005 and in 2009 due to considerable potentials and characteristics, it promoted to wildlife refuge. This area is a habitat for Asiatic cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus), sand cat (Felis margarita), Jebeer gazelle (Gazella bennettii), wild sheep, wild goat, Pleske’s Ground Jay (Podoces pleskei) and other kinds of animals.

Dalankouh and Zayandehrud Dam Protected Area
This area contains Dalankouh mountains at west of Isfahan province, and the Zayandehrud Dam Lake. With the area of 35000 ha, it was designated protected area in 2009. Dalankouh and Zayandehrud Dam Protected Area is a habitat for brown bear (Ursus arctos), wild sheep, wild goat and different types of terrestrial, waterfowl and waterside birds.

Ghamsar and Barzok Protected Area

Ghamsar and Barzok with the area of 60000 ha, is located at south of Kashan. It was designated Hunting-Prohibited area in 2008 and in 2009 promoted to protected area. There are some plains in this area but the most part of it is mountainous. Ghamsar and Barzok Protected Area is a habitat for wild sheep, wild goat and other types of wild animals.

Kahyaz Protected Area
Kahyaz with the area of 92000 ha, is located at east of Ardestan. It was designated Hunting-Prohibited area in 2002 and in 2009 promoted to protected area. Kahyaz Protected area with plains, mountains and foothills is one of the best habitats for Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulata).

Karkas Protected Area
Karkas with the area of 114000 ha, is located at a distance of 80 kilometers from Isfahan, and Natanz is on the east side of this area. Karkas was designated Hunting-Prohibited area from 1991 and in 2007 it promoted to protected area. This region with high Karkas mountain range has long-term and cold winters, and the summer season is short and cool.

Wild sheep, wild goat and wild boar (Sus scrofa) are the main animal species of this protected area.

Gavkhooni Wetland
Gavkhooni with an area of 46000 ha, is located at a distance of 130 kilometers from Isfahan and 25 kilometers from the historical town of Varzaneh. From 1970 it was entered the list of wetlands of International importance. The Zayandeh Rud River after 420 kilometers from its origin joins to Gavkhooni. This wetland is a suitable habitat for migratory waterfowl and waterside birds.

Hunting-Prohibited Areas

There are also eleven Hunting-Prohibited Areas in Isfahan province which are under the Environmental Protection and Management. In these areas any hunting and shooting is banned.







of Protection


Hanna Hunting-Prohibited Area


South of Semirom



Kharou Hunting-Prohibited Area


North of Ardestan



Setableh Hunting-Prohibited Area


West of Fereidoonshahr



Palang Galon Hunting-Prohibited Area


North of Tiran



Kalateh Hunting-Prohibited Area


North of Khoor



Dashtak Hunting-Prohibited Area


South of Dehaghan



Shah Ghandab Hunting-Prohibited Area


South East of Shahreza



Zarcheshmeh Hunting-Prohibited Area


North East of Semirom



Vanak Hunting-Prohibited Area


North West of semirom



Karkas Hunting-Prohibited Area


West and North of Karkas Protected Area



Kooh Bozorgi Hunting-Prohibited Area


North of Anarak



Yakhab Hunting-Prohibited Area


East of Aran va Bidgol


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